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Why your child may benefit from a dance class

Why your child may benefit from a dance class

That last-minute realisation you have a work deadline in an hour, damp school uniforms not yet ready for the kids to put on and a significantly depressing amount of school lunch supplies in the fridge.

Oh yes, life, it is a juggle, and it's only 8am. If this is never you then, high five!

During these crazy times, it is very tempting to allow screen time more than we would prefer. However vital it is for our sanity, it is important to balance this with some activity.

Most kids will slouch on the bed or lounge while on a device impacting their core strength. They will barely move their head impacting their vestibular stimulation. I am guilty of too much screen time. Part of my teaching is understanding why we do things, not just ‘do, because I say’. This is also helpful for us as parents. What is important and what is just noise?

From my small amount of reading this past week, it has been again highlighted how important an organised activity can be for a child. Regular occurrence of movement and activity in their week is a way to know those basic needs are being supported. Dancing is a wonderful tool for this area. From jumping and hopping to skipping, rolling and crawling, dance may be a performing art, but also a tool for fundamental development.



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