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How To Sew Ballet Ribbons On Ballet Flats

Fold the shoe: After threading your needle, hold the back of your ballet shoe and fold the heel over towards the toe of the shoe until it is lying flat, creating a gentle crease line. Draw a pencil line: With your pencil, create faint lines on

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MARCH DANCE LUMINARY: Kyle Abraham Kyle Abraham (born in 1977) is an American choreographer. Prior to starting his company A.I.M (Abraham.In.Motion), he performed with a number of companies, including David Dorfman Dance, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, The Kevin Wynn Collective, Nathan Trice/Rituals, Dance

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The importance of warming up properly

TBSOD dance teacher, Zoe Simpson, is passionate about safe dance especially in the area of preparing the body for performances and classes. Below she has looked into the process of the often neglected ‘warm up’. Imagine this… You and a friend each take your wet

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‘Broken’ Pointe Shoes

Have you ever heard a fellow classmate complain that their pointe shoes are ‘broken’? Have YOU ever danced on ‘broken’ pointe shoes? Megan Meier, MD explains the risks of doing just that, highlighting why buying that new pair instead of hanging on “just a little

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